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The Smith College Club of Washington serves alums of Smith College who live or work in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. Our club is a wonderful place to interact with dynamic and diverse alums of many generations who share a dedication to Smith and community outreach. Our mission is to fortify relations between Smith College alums, Smith College, and the community. We help connect D.C.-based alums with Smith and each other through newsletters, volunteer opportunities, and alum events, including Smith faculty lecturers. Additionally, we support Smith College through presenting book awards, recruiting future Smithies, and interviewing applicants.

Scholarship Fund

Volunteer for the Club

Interested in volunteering with the SCCW? Do you want to become more involved with Washington Smithies and have ideas for the club? If so, please contact


The SCCW Annual Meeting and Election Are Coming Soon!

If you're interested in volunteering for a board or committee position, please email a statement of interest to Nominations Chair Corrina Sowden Perrine: (Some titles have been updated to match the proposed bylaws.)

Open Positions:

  • Programs Co-Chair (formerly Vice President of Programs): Responsibilities include planning one or two events a month, including the Holiday Tea. Works with the other Programs Co-Chair and may oversee a Programs Committee.

  • Fundraising Chair (formerly Vice President of Fundraising and Pecan Chair): Responsibilities include leading pecan sales and planning the garden party to raise donations for the scholarship fund.

  • Mentoring Program Manager (formerly Co-Vice President of Mentoring): Works with the two other Mentoring Program Managers to coordinate the mentoring program, which runs from January to September.

  • Community Programs Manager (formerly Vice President of Education): Responsibilities include coordinating the Garrison Reading Program, where SCCW members read to elementary school children.

  • Communications Chair (formerly Vice President of Communications): Responsibilities include sending the monthly newsletter.

  • Nominations Chair: Responsibilities run from April to June and include preparing the list of nominees by asking current board members if they would like to continue on the board and seeking volunteers for open roles.

  • Also seeking volunteers for the following liaison roles, which are discretionary and appointed by the president:

    • Young Alums Liaison

    • Current Student Liaison

    • Ada Comstock Liaison


Nominations as of May 18, 2024:

  • President: Sibyl Brown

  • Secretary: Courtney Kirkman

  • Treasurer: Suzanne Muchetti

  • Programs Chair (formerly Vice President of Programs): Priya Swyden

  • Social Media Chair: Grace Moorhead

  • Admissions Chair (formerly Vice President of Admissions): Wafa Jawad

  • DEI Chair (formerly Diversity &; Inclusion Chair): Allison Wu

  • Mentoring Program Managers (formerly Co-Vice Presidents of Mentoring): Susan Wu and Jennifer DiCarlo

  • Website Manager (formerly Website Chair): Monica Unger

  • Membership Manager (formerly Membership Chair): Maggie McCoy

Meet The Board

Sibyl Brown


Suzanne Mucchetti

Treasurer (Operating)

Kaitlyn Coyne

Recording Secretary


Corresponding Secretary: Courtney Kirkman

Treasurer SCCW Scholarship Fund: Suzanne Muchetti

Nominations Chair: Corrina Sowden Perrine

Membership Chair: Maggie McCoy

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair: Allison Wu



Vice President: Wafa Jawad (email)
Book Award Chair: Allison Wu



Vice President: Marie Wilken (email)
Social Media Chair: Grace Moorhead

Website Chair: Monica Unger

Garrison Reading Program

Vice President of Education: Sophia Casten


Vice President: Kristy Keteltas

Pecan Sales Chair: Kaitlyn Coyne


Co-Vice President of Mentoring: Margie Halpern

Co-Vice President of Mentoring: Jennifer DiCarlo

Co-Vice President of Mentoring: Susan Wu



Co-Vice President of Programs: Beatrix Dalton (email)

Co-Vice President of Programs: Priya Swyden (email)
Young Alums Chair: Wendy Ramirez (email)
Current Student Liaison: Open
Ada Comstock Student Liaison: Open

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