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Mentoring Program

SCCW Mentoring Program Applications Open: Due January 5, 2024 (extended)

We are soliciting applications for mentors and mentees interested in participating in the 2024 (January to September 2024) SCCW Mentoring Program. (See "Apply to the Program," below.) The goal of the Mentoring Program is to foster partnerships between local alums who are seeking professional and personal development.  Monthly meetings between mentors and mentees are the heart of the program; there also are monthly sessions on topics such as leadership, career shifts, and negotiation. Both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to choose their preferred match, but the program coordinators will provide assistance in matching.


Please submit applications and resumes for both mentors and mentees no later than January 5, 2024. Note: previous mentors who would like to participate in the 2024 cohort do not have to complete the application. They can notify the program coordinators of their interest by email (


Are you interested in getting involved with the program while maintaining your busy schedule? Becoming a Spot Mentor may be right for you! Please send an email to if you're interested in connecting with local Smithies and offering one-off conversations in professional development and career guidance.

For current and former mentoring program participants, documents are accessible here (password protected; contact the mentoring chairs for assistance). See online resources as well.

About the Program

Established in 2016, SCCW’s Mentoring Program is a nine-month program designed to facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships through frequent activities and opportunities aimed to develop participants' personal and professional growth. Alumnae will be given the opportunity to find their own mentor/mentee. Once partnered, mentors and mentees will be expected to meet individually throughout the year and to attend social and professional development events as part of the SCCW Mentoring Program.



Apply to the Program

We are accepting applications year-round, but the cohorts are formed in November-December. You will receive an email responding to your application in late December of the year you applied.

Please submit applications by January 5, 2024.

Application for Mentees (2024 Cohort)

Application for Mentors (2024 Cohort)


“Being a mentee in the SCCW Mentoring Program helped me pivot into a new career field and gain insight into whether graduate school made sense for me at this stage in my life. During the nine-month virtual program, my mentor and I developed goals and expectations for our bi-weekly meetings. On Zoom, my mentor and I discussed my job search, roadblocks, interests, and how to expand my network in a new field. Conducting a job search during the COVID-19 pandemic seemed daunting at first, yet with the support of my mentor and the wider SCCW Mentoring Program network, making new connections
became a less daunting process. At the end of the nine months, I began a new career in a new field and completed three certificate programs in DE&I and coding. Most importantly, my mentor and I developed a friendship and continue to meet long after the program. As a Smith alumna, who is not a recent graduate, it is unique to find a personal development program that is geared towards women at different stages in their careers and life. I am grateful for every meeting with my mentor and the larger SCCW Mentoring Program in unpacking the complexities of decision-making, goal setting, and the workplace in a virtual environment.”
-A Graduate of the 2021 SCCW Mentoring Program Cohort


Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a Smith alum who is knowledgeable about professional development areas and/or a particular industry who provides guidance and support to your Mentee based on their unique developmental needs. A Mentor can be at any stage in their career.

Who is a Mentee?

A Mentee is a Smith alum seeking mentorship to develop professional and personal growth strategies. A Mentee can be at any stage in their career.

How long is the Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring Program is nine months, running from January to September.

How is the Mentoring Program formatted?

The Mentoring Program is formatted around the Mentor-Mentee pairs, and with the Mentoring Program Team providing guidance and developmental programming for the group.

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